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About this product


♦ The PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves are repair fittings that can be used to seal leaks caused by corrosion or damage on onshore and subsea pipelines.

♦ The PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves are easy and safe to install. The leak is sealed once the fitting is fully torqued on the line. For a permanent repair, the fitting can be welded to the pipeline while it is under flow. Fittings not welded to the line can be removed, reconditioned by PLIDCO® and put back in the customers safety stock.

♦Steel GirderRings prevent displacement & damage of packing during installation.

♦ Standard working pressure is 1000 maop. Fittings are tested to 1.5 times the design pressure.

♦ Available from stock in API pipe sizes 1-1/2 through to 48-1/2 inch. Higher working pressures, longer lengths and other sizes available on request.

♦ Buna-N packing is standard, other packing materials available.

♦ Custom emergency repair fittings are an option when a stock fitting is not applicable.



♦PLIDCO products have been used for pipeline repair and maintenance for over 70 years.

♦PLIDCO products offer 5-year limited warranty, which is the best warranty in the industry.

♦Nishiyama Corporation of America is the authorized PLIDCO distributor for New York and New Jersey regions.

♦PLIDCO offers other pipeline repair products. Please see the PLIDCO brochure for further details.


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